Are You Making  These Weight Loss Mistakes? 

If losing weight for good feels like an endless battle, you're going to love this free mini-course.


The 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Holding You Back ⤵️


Bad ideas keep you stuck. Good ideas liberate. 

We've got the latter.


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"What a terrific presentation!

I wish it had been available to me years ago."

- Kathleen
"Your framework for building self-care is fantastic, remarkable, inclusive (meaning of all elements of the "self" that need care)."
- Kate
"I found Rebecca a solid, sympathetic and honest leader who totally understood my experience with weight loss. I treasure all the time we have been in touch."
- Susan 
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In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Change your mindset from dieting to lasting weight loss
  • Embrace and use your hunger
  • Get a handle on sugar
  • Make peace with your body
We'll cover what's been holding you back.
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Lasting weight loss is possible but it's– not another diet.  

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I'm Rebecca Thomas

founder, not another diet

I'm dedicated to living well and helping others do the same.

The enjoyment of being alive is sold to us as the next piece of clothing, vacation, or cupcake.

It's none of those things.

To me, it's feeling so good in your body that you use that foundation to live boldly.

I know what better information can do for life quality and that's what I bring to my programs.

Our bodies deserve better care not because we should, but because they are our vehicles for pleasure, adventure, healing, and joy.

Your body deserves nothing less.