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This program is designed to strip away all the bad ideas, limiting narratives, and diet culture thinking that has kept you trapped in a body that doesn't feel good and get started on what will work for you long-term.

You'll never think about weight, your body, or self-care the same way again.

As such, you should expect to be challenged in your thinking (always with kindness) and asked to explore who you are and how best you function with radical honesty and self-compassion. 

I can't know everything about you in one form, but it will get us started to make sure this program is the right tool at the right time for you

The value of clarity has a price: your attention, honesty, and work are but three.

Please know...

1. This application is non-binding.

2. Your answers are considered confidential.

3.  This is the necessary first step to weight mastery.

"If you are ready to examine how you live your life and are willing to change it and create new habits, then this program of weight loss and life change is for you. If you are looking for any gimmick or dramatic, quick weight loss, this program is not for you."  Kathleen G., nadNOW

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What's your name?

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What is most important to you about achieving and keeping a healthy weight? What would that bring to your life? Would it allow you to try for new dreams or remove discomfort?

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Choose the most correct one -

I'm tired of dieting and ready to accept that isn't how to achieve lasting weight loss (even if I'm not sure what will).


Yes, I just can't stomach one more diet.


No, I want to lose weight right away.


I'm open to learning why dieting won't solve weight gain and how living differently will.

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What are you most excited to work on with the support of the program?

Question 5 of 9

What are the biggest obstacles you face in achieving a healthy weight?

Question 6 of 9

Why is now a good time in your life to learn how to achieve and keep a healthy weight?

Question 7 of 9

Tell me what you've tried to lose weight and how you felt about that process.

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What do you expect this program will provide in the near and long term?

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Anything else you'd like to share or questions I can answer?

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