How Do I Quit Regaining Weight?

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The downside of dieting (using a deprivation-based system to lose weight) is the subsequent regain. It's heartbreaking and predictable, especially for those who use calorie-counting or food-tracking apps.

If you’re stuck between the apps and steady weight gain, read on.

The method is the reason (and the trap).

Here are a few reasons using apps leads to chronic weight gain.
  1. The device itself is artificially causing you to eat less, often so much less that you struggle with hunger. People confuse the temporary success with the plan ‘working’ with what’s actually happening–the act of logging creates downward pressure on your eating. Once you stop, well, you know.
  2. It encourages disconnection from your body’s cues. How often does your hunger match up to the allocation? Allowing yourself to go hungry causes a serious backlash. The denial of food sets you up to overconsume and feel hopeless about an issue that you can actually address. You’re outsourcing your basic functioning to a computer program. If you’re thinking, but I’m hungry too much! That’s actually useful information you can use to calm it down, naturally.
  3. It’s tedious. There are a few rare people who feel good about doing this long-term (and if that’s you, disregard this piece, you’ve found your system). Personally, my dislike of food logging is what set me on the path to permanent weight loss. Who enjoys tallying up every bite and trying to jam it into an app? Very few.

Diets (and that’s all these are) keep you from asking one important question you have to answer to find success.

Why am I overeating?

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