What this is:

A program of self-discovery and weight mastery.

How this happens

You’ll be guided through 9 weeks of carefully designed lessons and exercises taught online with weekly group coaching, one-on-one sessions, and full email support.

What you get

The freedom to move forward confidently with your life knowing how to attain and keep a healthy weight.

Is an online weight loss course effective?

I can’t speak to what others are doing but what I’ve built is particularly well suited to online learning. In fact, I’ll take it a step further. I needed technology to develop to this point to be able to create my program.

Here’s why: in order for changes to be stable, buildable, and enduring, they have to happen inside your life. I’ve built this program from the ground up to create that growth right where you stand. In your home, in your day-to-day, in your body, and in your relationships. This is a grounding approach because that’s what’s necessary.

“The Not Another Diet program with Rebecca Thomas promised to be different and it is. Instead of radical changes to practice and thought on day one, we are gradually given the tools and ideas to build our own systems that we can own confidently, for life.” Jennifer K.

Why should I invest in working with you?

The investment is actually in yourself.
I think what you are asking is, “can you help me?” Fair enough.
Yes, I can. There’s nothing quite like what I’m doing because very few people have lifelong issues with weight, figure it out, and then do the work of articulating what actually needs to be addressed. I did.
I built this entire approach on a careful study of what brought my own success and the science to back it up. This course is a step-by-step approach to bring out how those lessons will work for you, which is the only way it can stick for life.

Why are you suited to help me, Rebecca?
The most obvious answer is that after a lifetime of struggling with my weight, I finally lost it for good ten years ago. But, that only gets my foot in the door.
I’ve spent years patiently documenting what’s worked and what hasn’t. I waited five years into successfully keeping it off before I started writing my series because I wanted to be certain I had something truly helpful to offer. During that time I made a careful study of my own success and identified the key changes that needed to be made. I’ve spent countless hours quantifying all that I’ve learned into a series of principles and now, this weight loss course.
What do I get?
Freedom from weight anxiety.
The nuts and bolts: a 9-week series carefully designed to address all the aspects of your life, thinking, and habits that no diet or trainer ever could. In addition, there are two one-on-one coaching sessions to use at your discretion, weekly group Zooms that focus on questions and various topics, and unlimited email support.
What you really get: clarity about what works and a system you can rely on indefinitely to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
What do you mean by permanent weight loss?
What that means in the context of not another diet! is to build a system that provides daily support for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It does not mean some sort of miracle solution that prevents you from ever gaining weight again. If anyone tries to offer you that, run.
If I deviate from the life/system/tools I built for myself, I could regain the weight and more. Thankfully, what I have feels so organic and workable I’ve used it for ten years and counting.
Is there an eating plan?
There isn’t and that’s by design.
You don’t need an eating plan, you need a way of eating rooted in simplicity. We certainly address food in the course in all sorts of ways, but no one, including me, can hand you one you’ll follow the rest of your life.
The question itself reveals how deeply we’ve inhaled what mass-produced diets sell. Eating healthfully isn’t complicated, navigating a world full of obesogenic food is.
I teach you how.
So, what does this cost?
Which cost?
The mental toll of thinking about your weight at every turn? Opportunities lost? Dreams deferred? Continuing to lurch from one diet to another and incurring metabolic damage?
I get you are asking about the cost of the program, but I’d like you to weigh an innovative, and comprehensive approach to transformation against what the excess weight is costing you.
The investment is significant because what I’ve created is just that valuable. I haven’t priced this program against other weight loss products; there just isn’t an accurate comparison.
Please book a call with me and I’ll answer all your questions, including the cost.
Is this program only for people with a lot of weight to lose?

Not at all. It’s for anyone who struggles to maintain a healthy weight.
It could be that you’re constantly battling the same 10 or 20 pounds, or that you’ve slowly gained 50 and it’s now intolerable. As I speak about in my introductory video, these are not different problems.

How do I know this program is a good fit for me?
If you are at the point in your life where you are ready to accept that commercial diets, fitness gadgets, apps, and regimented programs aren’t a lasting solution for weight loss, you’re ready.
If you’re sad over the wasted time spent struggling with your weight. If you’re aware that what you’ve done in the past has either been a series of piecemeal efforts. If you’re ready to acknowledge that you need a holistic solution but don’t know how to make that happen, you’re a good fit.
What you need to bring to this program are optimism, time, and the willingness to do what is asked. I’ll guide you through.
Couldn't I just hire a trainer or nutritionist?
While I respect the expertise of both of those professions, their counsel isn’t sufficient to create the habits of weight loss. I employed a personal trainer for months in an effort to lose weight. It made little to no difference because the whole rest of my life needed addressing first.
You’ll notice that the focus of this question is again on food and movement, neither of which are as complicated as they’ve been made out to be.
What this program does is the difficult part: it helps you create a structure inside your life that makes the result of a healthy weight a natural outcome.
If I book a call with you will this be a high-pressure sales thing?
Haha, no. Fair question though.
The purpose of a Discovery Call is to get to know you a bit, ascertain fit on both sides, and give you an opportunity to answer questions I might not have covered on the website.
I’ll ask you at the end how ready you feel to proceed. My expectation is that you answer honestly, and proceed if it’s right for you. Simple.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
Once you’ve paid for the course, you’re committed. I don’t take money from people who aren’t ready. Your money secures your commitment and clarifies the work you’re willing to do.
My best advice is to read everything I’ve offered, watch the videos, book a call with me, and proceed when you feel a visceral yes.
Why can't I just read your series and do it on my own?

You can. If reading were enough to tackle this issue, you wouldn’t be here. You may find, as others have, that while you understand the concepts I’ve laid out you still have trouble realizing them.
This course is more comprehensive than my writing series. It’s designed to guide you through all the changes in thinking in the order that’s most effective. There are exercises to make it durable, group call support, and a deeper exploration of key subjects.
The goal is for you to leave the program with the system you need for lasting weight loss.

“During the first week of following just two of the principles you outlined in your Not Another Diet protocol, I’ve lost 4lbs WITHOUT DIETING. And, I now fully understand why diets have been keeping me miserable and stuck.”

— Michelle M.

Time = Your Life

Don't waste either.