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“This is about self-care, not sacrifice"

Crystal, summer 2021 cohort

Inner Circle Events

What Is Self-Care?

 June 30th, 12:30p

A conversation about true self-care with Ellie Burke, certified life coach, and meditation teacher.
You'll leave filled with new ideas about how to take care of yourself.
I met Ellie at an event where she guided the audience through a grounding meditation. The moment we spoke, I knew we needed to have a deeper conversation.

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Vinaigrettes Aren't Just For Salads 🥗
Saturday, July 16 ‧ 11:30 am –12:15 pm
Recipes Are For WEEKENDS. Learn how to cook real food in systems.
Learn how to make a vinaigrette and you'll never wonder what to eat again. They punch up rice, a plain avocado, grilled chicken, beans, and even tofu.
The very first thing I taught my stepdaughter to do in the kitchen was make a vinaigrette. It's foundational to easy, healthy, and very delicious cooking.
Join me in learning the basics and a couple of variations + the many things you can put it on.
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Hello Boundaries!

 August 4th, 12p

A well-being entrepreneur and home organizer walk into a bar... just kidding, drinking is terrible for boundaries.
Speaking of which, this is a subject we both hold dear. Boundaries allow you to have the life you most want. They are the most necessary and misunderstood part of lasting change.
Join Kristen from Minima Home Organizing and Rebecca from not another diet as we discuss boundaries.
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Recipes Are For Weekends

The Magic of Whole Milk Yogurt 

Greek yogurt is a kitchen workhorse enabling easy meals, dressings, and general yumminess. Whatever your favorite brand, make sure it's plain, thick, and has plenty of fat.

There are endless uses for plain, Greek yogurt that are simple to execute.
The goal is to make easy meals from real food every day.


Our first kitchen chat!

Weight Loss Myths 

You believe some right now and it's holding you back. 

Left unchecked, bad information becomes your operating system. Let's fix that.

Join us for cooking classes, interviews, Q + A's, and much more. Only for the Inner Circle.