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Crystal, summer 2021 cohort

Inner Circle Events

Hello Boundaries!

 August 4th, 12p

A well-being entrepreneur and home organizer walk into a bar... just kidding, drinking is terrible for boundaries.
Speaking of which, this is a subject we both hold dear. Boundaries allow you to have the life you most want. They are the most necessary and misunderstood part of lasting change.
Join Kristen from Minima Home Organizing and Rebecca from not another diet as we discuss boundaries.
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QUIT Making These Weight Loss Mistakes - A Workshop
Saturday, August 20 ‧ 11a

Our free course is a hit!

The 10 Weight Loss Mistakes Holding You Back is full of practical wisdom. The kind you need to let go of bad ideas and get lifelong clarity.
Come, learn, and free yourself from bad ideas.
Now, we're doing a workshop with your questions.
Submit yours below.
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 September 15, 12p

A conversation with Michelle Mercurio about the tricky subject of changing your life to better suit who you are.
Or as she puts it, BE MORE YOU
Michelle and I are friends who regularly have deep conversations. She's wise, funny, and has so much to say about the painful and glorious process of making your life align with your deepest self.
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On Boundaries

Boundaries allow you to realize the life you most want. 

Kristen Zeigler of Minima Home Organizing joined us to discuss why boundaries are crucially important to every meaningful outcome in your life.

We discussed all aspects of boundaries: what they are, what they can do for you, and why they're sometimes uncomfortable.



What Is Self-Care?

Our first workshop guest was Ellie Burke (you can find her work here) and she didn't disappoint.

Together, we explore the subject of self-care and what it can really do for your life. We also discuss how the term has been co-opted by consumer culture and why it needs to be reclaimed.

Ellie called self-care tending to your wellbeing which we can't stop thinking about.


Recipes Are For Weekends

Put A Vinaigrette On It

The goal of this workshop is to help you make easy meals from real food every day.

One of the best ways to do that is to learn how to make vinaigrettes. They're lightning fast, require no precise measuring, and liven up any dish from salads to rice bowls and even ground meat. 

There's almost nothing that can't benefit from a drizzle of vinaigrette.


Recipes Are For Weekends

The Magic of Whole Milk Yogurt 

Greek yogurt is a kitchen workhorse enabling easy meals, dressings, and general yumminess. Whatever your favorite brand, make sure it's plain, thick, and has plenty of fat.

There are endless uses for plain, Greek yogurt that are simple to execute.
The goal is to make easy meals from real food every day.


Our first kitchen chat!

Weight Loss Myths 

You believe some right now and it's holding you back. 

Left unchecked, bad information becomes your operating system. Let's fix that.

Join us for cooking classes, interviews, Q + A's, and much more. Only for the Inner Circle.