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  • This purchase is for the cohort that begins on January 1, 2022.
  • Access to the program and forum is for one year.
  • This sale is final. There are no refunds, partial or full. 

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not another diet - A RESET

A life of ease in your body is entirely possible.

Join us for the January 1 cohort.

What you get:

  • Full enrollment in the not another diet program
  • 9 weeks of life-changing lessons with other cohort members 
  • NEW, an accountability partner. You'll both be provided weekly prompts and exercises to deepen the learning.
  • 9 weeks of access to Zoom group coaching. ALTERNATING, 11a Thursday EST, and Sunday at 3p EST. Most participants attend every other week and have a successful experience. Recordings are provided.
  • One year access to the community forum for past and current members 
  • One year of access to the program and any updates/improvements/new lessons
  • Ideas, tools, introspection, and practices you can use for a lifetime of weight mastery

What People Are Saying:

I am getting to know, listen and respect my body. Before, I was treating hunger cues as a flaw in my body that I needed to figure out how to ignore. Now there is joy, freedom, and less anxiety in just allowing myself to eat when hungry. And stop eating when not hungry. So simple but so radical.

Laura O.

I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who would listen! I would say that it taught me how to eat naturally again, with real foods that are a joy to eat and keep me healthy.

Susan M.

I think I most appreciated the focus on making it my own path. It was nice to know that this wasn't a cookie-cutter approach. I have a good idea of how to continue this journey. On the one hand, I feel lighter, both physically and emotionally. On there other, I feel very solid and grounded in my approach.

Christi D.

Yes. This is not just “another diet”. It is the opposite of that. It gets underneath the “diet” to look at what is real, what is happening in you. It gives you more than just tools, which I find limiting. It gives you purpose and a reason and a playbook for change. THANK YOU!!!

Kate K.

For the first time in my life, I’ve actually reached a weight goal. I can attribute that to Rebecca’s ideas on how to get healthy in a thoughtful manner. And, in a way that actually works.

Jan C.