Your hunger isn't a flaw.

It's a feature.

Your body contains wisdom. Let's unlock it together. 



The hunger practice is foundational to our approach at not another diet.

Turning inward for answers is affirming, reliable, and opens a much-needed dialog with your body you can use to regulate intake without deprivation.


The hunger practice is foundational to wellbeing. 



 "Am I hungry?"

Open a dialog with yourself.  



Observe yourself without judgment. 



Learn how to support your hunger.


Get the free workshop. 

How To Get (And Keep!) Your Healthy Weight

–Without Tracking Your Food, Going Hungry, or Enduring Weird Diet Rules.


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From Rebecca, the founder


True wellness is a gentle, expansive approach to honoring yourself.


Listening to and supporting your hunger is one of many complementary practices we teach at not another diet.



The experience 

"Today, for the first time in 10 years, I weigh less than 160 lbs. It's so satisfying to see the numbers in the 150s.

Thank you so much for your program and for being there when I needed you."

- Crystal, summer cohort 2021.

This came from an unsolicited email sent months after completing the program. When we say this is for life, this is what we mean.