You Can Have (And Keep!) a Healthy Weight

Without tracking your food, going hungry, or enduring another awful diet.

OK, I'm Curious

There isn't a single diet designed 

to solve weight gain.

So, forgive yourself,

and stay open to what could. 

“This is about self-care, not sacrifice.

That’s what makes it lifelong."

Cystal, Summer 2021 Cohort

This program helps you confidently set down dieting so you can achieve and keep a healthy weight.

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You can stop thinking about your body and just enjoy it.

I cannot tell you how different this was and how much it put me in control of my weight, food, and exercise choices.


It's fundamentally different from everything I tried - and 1000% better.

Elizabeth - summer cohort 2021

The program absolutely exceeded my expectations - it took Rebecca's writing to a whole new level.


It's a very positive and peaceful way of getting to grips with weight once and for all.

Alison - fall cohort 2021
Does this describe you?

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Start learning about our human-centered approach right away. 

Meet Rebecca, founder of nad.

Twelve years ago, after struggling with my weight most all of my adult life, I lost 50 pounds and never put it back on. I did it by giving up on diets, apps, crazy workouts, cleanses, and challenges. That's when I finally found success.

I learned that how you lose weight matters greatly to your long-term success.

I built this program to help you lose weight in the affirming and integrative way that changed my life.  

I'm Sick of Apps

You can lose weight without counting, tracking, or denying your hunger–it's just not another diet. 

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This conversation does more to communicate the values that guide this program than any marketing ever could.

"The program exceeded my expectations. I loved it."

 Sylvia, Summer 2021 Cohort

Does this describe you?

  • Exhausted from thinking and worrying about your body and looking for a way to reclaim some peace.

  • Tried umpteen diets only to either quit early or see the weight creep back on, each time hurting your confidence and creating shame.

  • Would like to transition from 'I know what I should do' to actually doing it.

  • Understand that diets won't solve the long-term issue but remain unclear about what will.

  • Worried about the health problems that are ahead if you don't learn how to take care of yourself.
What's possible for me?

There are better ideas about health, weight, and living.

Lifelong weight loss without deprivation–it's not another diet. 


Whether you've tried diet after diet only to regain weight or just can't seem to stick to the plan (same), this workshop is for you.
It's not your fault. Bad ideas don't work.

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