To lose weight for good, manage your hunger, not your calories.


How to restore your internal locus of control–and ditch the apps forever

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"I've lost 14 pounds without needing to write down every single thing I eat. It works!

I've learned to trust myself again. It's a gift!" 

You: I want to eat naturally and in tune with my body 

Also, you: Here I go with yet another diet, app, or workout that’s dysregulating my eating, and then blame myself for quitting.

Your hunger isn't a bug (flaw or nuisance).

It's a feature.

Your body contains wisdom. Let's unlock it together. 



What if? 🤔

Working with your hunger is the key to a lifelong healthy weight and not an obstacle. 

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How To Use Your Hunger For Weight Loss

Your body contains wisdom. Let's unlock it together.

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I struggled with chronic weight gain (lose weight on a restrictive diet, put it all back on and more) for over two decades.


This practice is how I healed my relationship with food and restored trust in myself.


Who is Rebecca?


The hunger practice is a tool to help you eat naturally and in tune with your body.

Apps and diets teach you to outsource your hunger. You want an internal locus of control.


It's about asking 'what do I need' (and not what can I have)?

You actively build trust.



Turning inward is affirming and reliable. Your body is speaking to you, always.

Do you know how to listen?

From Rebecca, the founder

My name is Rebecca Thomas, and I did something pretty incredible: I created a whole new way to lose weight that doesn't rely on food tracking, calorie counting, fasting, drugs, or carb restriction.


I kicked diet culture to the curb and found what works for a lifetime. Now, I teach others how to find the same success.


You can lose weight without denying your hunger–it's just not another diet.


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"Focusing on hunger and insisting on enjoying my food (rather than worrying about how to track it) has been a game changer for me!"


"The first real mind-blowing thing was, what is hunger? What do I think hunger is? It was amazing.
I really got interested in that."


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