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How To Get (and Keep!) Your Lifetime Healthy Weight

Without Tracking Your Food, Going Hungry, Or Worrying About Regain

How To GET (and Keep!) Your Happy, Healthy Weight

Without Tracking Your Food, Going Hungry, or Enduring Another Diet Failure

What will I learn?

Here's What You'll Learn ⤵ 

Secret #1

The exact way to make healthy eating a breeze—without relying on willpower (or motivation) at ALL

We'll cover the science-backed approach that delivers the consistency you're looking for.

Secret #2

How to spot what’s really sabotaging your self-control (and keeping you STUCK) without having to go on another diet

Forcing yourself to make 'healthy choices' is diet culture nonsense, there are better ways.

Secret #3

How to ENJOY your food–without measuring, weighing, or counting a thing and still lose weight!

Diet culture is full of bad ideas. Tracking is unsustainable and joyless. Here's what's joyful.

Who made this?

"Rebecca has a wonderful way of cutting through the noise our diet-culture society creates 24/7.

That in and of itself is a minor miracle in my book."

Mary Ann

Whether you've tried diet after diet only to regain the weight, or just can't seem to stick to the plan (same), this workshop is for you.

It's not your fault. Bad ideas don't work.

Leave diet culture in the dust.


What do members say?

I created not another diet to share the affirming and integrative process that brought so much joy to my life.

Here's my (short) story ⤵

My name is Rebecca, and I'm a dieting failure.

I tried diets for years until I quit them all cold turkey.

That allowed me to explore what might actually work for a lifetime. I went on to lose fifty pounds and have kept it off for 13+ years and counting–without tracking my food, going hungry, or shunning carbs.


I rejected the false promise of diets, and a new world opened up.

I learned that diets are rigged. There's no way to make them work long-term, and that makes dieting to lose weight a trap.

I spent years (and thousands of dollars) searching and testing better ideas, information, and practices and discovered what worked. I made this FREE video to share my most powerful insights with you. 

Losing weight isn't about good and bad bodies (you only have one, and that makes it good). 

It's about having access to a joyful life 






Our members say...

Susan from not another diet

Mary Ann

"This experience has allowed me to feel more like myself—or maybe to connect to myself—in a way that I really struggled to do with my extra weight. After losing 20 lbs so far, I'm no more/no less valuable as a person, of course, but I am more available to myself.

This program gave me the tools, information, guidance and time to CALM DOWN around food and learn to trust myself and my hunger."


"I finally have a framework to take care of myself. It's left me in a place to keep the work going and have the agency to take care of myself around food."

Susan from not another diet


"The program is transformational!
Lucky that I picked something so unique, effective, honest, and deep. What you're doing is disruptive. It's turning weight loss on its head!

I just feel so grateful. I mean, I'm 68. I don't think I have any judgment about myself anymore with what's happened.

I'm just very grateful that I found you. Very, very grateful that I took responsibility, because I had a tendency to think, oh, this person will fix it for me. You turned it upside down for me.

You took the whole diet thing and just made it rubbish."


"I cannot tell you how different this was and how much it put me in control of my weight, food, and exercise choices. 

It's fundamentally different from everything I tried - and 1000% better."

Morag from not another diet


“It's made me see very clearly all the different factors that influence my weight and health and, therefore, all the different levers I can pull to improve it.

I do feel that [not another diet] has been transformational in a very deep, visceral way–

It's not quick fix; it's fundamentally getting to the root cause issues which means the change is slower but, I think, much more permanent and that permanency is worth taking time over."


"Thank you so much for your guidance throughout the program.

I hope you know how truly transformative it is on every level. It's an absolute game-changer."

Crystal from not another diet


“The program taught me to live with intention instead of deprivation. It's helped me explore my own values and reasons for self-care.

Today, for the first time in 10 years, I weigh less than 160 lbs. It is so satisfying to see the numbers in the 150s. I'm down 32 lbs and have another five or so before my body settles. I'm wearing outdoor gear that I haven't worn in over a decade and loving it.

Thank you so much for your program and for being there when I needed you.


"The program absolutely exceeded my expectations - it took Rebecca's writing to a whole new level.

It's a very positive and peaceful way of getting to grips with weight once and for all."

Kathleen from not another diet


"I LOVE this program and am so grateful I investigated further.

It's so ironic (and actually beautiful really) that you don’t have us counting points, calories, or macros. Yet you focus on love and educate thoroughly on real food, food prep, and cooking. And then you focus on how we live life and give that its due, which is absolutely critical.

There isn’t another program out there that I’ve seen that does that."

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