Don't diet. Cook!

A course designed to end meal paralysis so you can eat healthfully every day.



No more recipe scrolling, unused gadgets, or hours of prep.


"It will come as no surprise that the decline in home cooking closely tracks the rise in obesity and all the chronic diseases linked to diet."

Michael Pollan


What are people saying?

Angelina Jolie


"Real food, I've found, is actually better than dieting."

Real food cooking without recipes.
Lose weight by eating real food.

Alice Waters


"We've been so disconnected from food. We spend more time on dieting than on cooking."

Rebecca Thomas

"The most used and simultaneously overlooked room in your house is the key to consistent, healthy eating."

Make yummy salads without a recipe.

FOOD IS SELF-CARE (when it's done like this)

Would you like more energy, good sleep, clear thinking, great skin, a stable mood, and simple weight control?

 Then get in the kitchen.


What can I expect?

Eat In Tune With Your ody

Problem: modern food processing is a disaster for health, weight, mood, and sugar sensitivity.

Solution: make real food at home every day.

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Problem: using recipes to make meals every day isn't practical.

Solution: learn how to think, shop, and cook in systems.

What are people saying?
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Problem: meal prep is boring and takes up hours of free time.

Solution: set up your kitchen to make delicious meals on the fly.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question after reading this FAQ, please contact me before signing up.

Our members are saying...

"Tonight, I cooked a really healthy, easy, yummy meal for my husband and me.
I used simple ideas I learned
from Rebecca! I made olive oil, lemon, and miso sauce for our bowl without any
recipe or instructions.
I tasted it as I went and played around. So fun, so freeing,
and so WORTH IT!"

"Cooking this way isn’t better because it’s easy. It’s easy because it’s better."

"I acquired more usable knowledge from watching two of these sessions than from years of watching PBS cooking shows."

"I'm cooking beans using your method right now… not quite done but can already taste they are going to be delicious/game-changing 🙌🏻"

"You've legit changed my view and experience cooking."

You can expect to:

  • Learn a modular and endlessly adaptable approach to cooking. 
  • Embrace real foods to help you feel your best.
  • Know what to keep on hand to make delicious meals on the fly.
  • Ditch gadgets and learn what tools you actually need.
  • Make meal planning a breeze by shopping in ingredient groups.
  • Love what you eat and feel great about what it's doing for you.
Gimme All Of This

"The course has changed the way that I think about cooking.

Your systems-based approach is SO sensible, SO flexible, and SO effective. Wish I’d learned it years ago."

-Michael H.


"Recipes Are For Weekends is magnificent!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing this course."

-Kathleen G.


Recipes Are For WEEKENDS

77 USD X 6

6 monthly payments

  • Lifetime Access
  • End the anxiety of wondering what's for dinner
  • Save money on eating out
  • LOVE your food
  • FREE bonus course - Food Processing 101 Masterclass

Recipes Are For WEEKENDS

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Save $65 Right Away

  • Lifetime Access
  • Easily make real food meals by learning to cook in systems
  • Save money on eating out
  • LOVE your meals
  • FREE bonus course -Food Processing 101 Masterclass

Nourish yourself with ease.



You can't make meals day after day by scrolling recipes.

Prepared food is expensive and unhealthy.  

Here's your solution.

You can leave anytime.


I'm Rebecca Thomas

founder, not another diet

I'm dedicated to living well and helping others do the same.

The enjoyment of being alive is sold to us as the next piece of clothing, vacation, or cupcake.

It's none of those things.

To me, it's feeling so good in your body that you use that foundation to live boldly.

I know what better information can do for life quality and that's what I bring to my programs.

This course will show you that you don't have to choose between food you like and food that nourishes you. Your kitchen is a powerful tool for well-being. This course will show you how that's done.

Our bodies deserve better care not because we should, but because they are our vehicles for pleasure, adventure, healing, and joy.

Your body deserves nothing less.