This is the method your mom would've taught you had she known it herself.


Lasting weight loss is relationship and personal development work–not another diet.

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Have you dieted yourself into weight gain? 

Let's end the painful cycles.

You've probably bought a lot of programs that promised to be life-changing (and weren't), but how exactly does real change happen?


We know and teach you step by step.


We take you through the mindset and practical changes needed to produce lasting weight loss–while ensuring each one is right for you and your life.

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not another diet is markedly different from everything in the weight loss space. It’s science. It’s radical self-compassion. It’s better tools. It’s psychology.


It’s a lifetime of weight mastery. 

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What this is 👇

A 9-week, step-by-step program to achieve a stable, healthy weight while restoring optimism and trust in yourself, no matter how long you’ve struggled with your body.

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not another diet is such a valuable program and I hope many more people benefit from it in the future.”

— Alison, fall 2021 cohort