The next cohort begins Jan 1

It was never you.

It was the...

unworkable plans

deprivation diets

lack of self-knowledge

Have you dieted yourself into weight gain? 

This program will guide you out of the painful cycles.

not another diet is markedly different from nearly everything in the weight loss space. It’s science. It’s radical self-compassion. It’s better tools. It’s psychology.


It’s a lifetime of weight mastery.


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What this is 👇

A 9-week, step-by-step program to achieve permanent weight loss while restoring optimism and self-confidence, no matter how long you’ve struggled with your body.

“Moving through this program is like swimming.

You have to propel yourself forward through the current of our societies terrible ideas, but once you get a good rhythm going, the world’s chatter sort of drops away and you can just concentrate on your own journey.

I’m coming out of this feeling like I have a good framework to support my mental and physical health .”

— D. D.