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Hey Sugar, I can't quit you.


It turns out you don't have to.


What is this? A high-impact short course to help you enjoy sugar without bingeing, deal-making, battling cravings, or quitting altogether. 


How will this help?

Forget fasting, juicing, or cleansing. 

The power move is getting a handle on sugar. 

Make brain fog, low energy, and poor self-control a thing of the past.


Do you feel at the mercy of your cravings? That's a sign your body is operating from inflammation. You need a path to calm.

Weight Gain

Too much sugar traps you in damaging cycles of overeating. Getting a handle on sugar leads to a healthy weight.


It's not fun feeling out of control. Your brain and body don't function well with a lot of sugar. And yet, you can't just quit. 

How will this course help?

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Getting sugar under control is vital for weight loss and good health.


The rub: quitting cold turkey isn't practical or lasting. You need a solid process to follow. That's what this short course delivers.


I'm Ready
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I'm dedicated to living well and helping others do the same.

The enjoyment of being alive is sold to us as the next piece of clothing, vacation, or cupcake.

It's none of those things.

To me, it's feeling so good in your body that you use that foundation to live boldly

I know what better information can do for life quality and that's what I bring to my programs.

Our bodies deserve better care not because we should, but because they are our vehicles for pleasure, adventure, healing, and joy.

Your body deserves nothing less.

Take Control
Listen to Rebecca discuss what we don't understand about sugar with Stephanie Mitchell on Your Empowered Evolution.

Here's what you get:

What outcomes can I expect?

“This is about self-care, not sacrifice"


Here's why you need this course to get sugar under control.

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  • One year of access to the short course, including all updates. and improvements.
  • A FREE gift course to send to a friend.
  • Email support for any tech issues you might have.
  • A superior approach to making sugar a reasonable part of your life.

You can expect to:

  • End the damaging cycles of overconsuming and drastic cutbacks.  
  • Learn practical ways to have it in your life without feeling deprived or controlled by it.
  • Understand what sugars need to be cut out and what can stay.
  • Learn about sneaky sugars and what they're doing to your body and general hunger. 
  • Work with a friend to get a handle on sugar together.
Yep, I need this.