What's the Inner Circle?

We believe...

There are no good or bad bodies.

You aren't good when you lose weight. You're good right now.

So often weight loss is presented as striving for a new and improved body. We don't jibe with any approach that encourages self-loathing. 

We believe your body is worthy of care from day one. That foundation is baked into this program.

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Care of your body is actually care of your life.

Your body is the vehicle for life satisfaction. 

What's that saying, life is long but time is short? 

We believe that your life and how you're able to show up for it matter. That's why proper care of your body is so important. So you have the opportunity to experience the life you imagined for yourself.

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Modern wellness is mostly nonsense.

The problem with non-solutions is that they waste your time.

Making progress on your weight and sense of wellbeing brings measurable life satisfaction. 

You've struggled long enough. This program is designed to show you what to focus on, face, and change to have the life you want.

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Dieting is a trap.

The effects are temporary because they're designed to make you do things you can't sustain.

A diet is only a way to force temporary weight loss. That's useless for living at a healthy weight and hurts your self-concept (I have no willpower).

Everything we teach is with permanence in mind. You design a life you can sustain, your body will follow.

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Weight loss is actually relationship work.

With yourself, the people in your life, and your physical environment.

The source of sustained weight loss is not the 'perfect' diet. It's a life that supports your best self.

That life is dictated by the stories you tell yourself, what you need from other people, and how your daily life unfolds.

We believe in helping our members make progress on the life skills that ensure there's time, space, and support for daily practices.

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"Today for the first time in 10 years I weigh less than 160lbs. It is so satisfying to see the numbers in the 150s.

Thank you so much for your program, and for being there when I needed you."

Crystal, Summer 2021 Cohort