"Rebecca has a wonderful way of cutting through the noise our diet-culture society creates 24/7.

That in and of itself is a minor miracle."

Mary G.

Weight loss is closer to an apprenticeship than a plan

–and it's definitely not another diet.

My mission is to end generational diet culture by making a healthy weight clear and achievable.

There isn't a diet out there prepared to help you navigate the challenges or even last beyond its last day.

If you've failed at one or regained the weight, that's not your fault–they make no sense to actual living.

The process I came up with is affirming, centered on joy, effective, and lasting

If you want a healthy weight that lasts, I can teach you how and help you heal the years of shame over something that was never your fault.

Rebecca Thomas, author, speaker and founder of not another diet.

“I found Rebecca a solid, sympathetic and honest leader who totally understood my experience with weight loss.


I treasure all the time we have been in touch.”

Susan D.

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Who Am I To Say?

This is a fair question. 

One I've given a lot of thought to because I'm not a nutritionist or physician (yet several of both have gone through my program). Their work isn't designed to help you navigate a world designed for weight gain. Science alone is data without context. I make that data useful for you.

The value of my programs is clarity about what's been keeping you from a healthy weight and how to navigate your actual life to ensure a healthy weight.

Eating healthfully isn't complicated. Movement isn't complicated. What's complicated is why you don't.

This is where diets fall woefully short. They simply can't address the complexities of who you are, but I can help you do that for yourself.

In the decade (plus) since that loss, I've carefully quantified what needs to be addressed. I continually cross-check my work with scientific studies and professionals from all walks of life (never diet gurus).

People tell me over and over that what they most want is to trust themselves again. To live in peace with their bodies. Self-control is the product of a constellation of changes you can learn. 

You can do better. You can fix things that have long troubled you. It's never too late.

I'm a thinker, writer, and lifelong learner.  

I believe in resilience and actively pursuing better approaches to meeting life's challenges.

These aren't just buzzwords to be thrown around. I grew up with an emotionally abusive mother, had a brush with alcohol addiction, spent a decade in a disastrous marriage, and survived breast cancer (twice).

Finding peace, solving life's vexing challenges, and living in a way that nurtures and honors who I am is my life's work. 

You might be wondering how that relates to weight. Therein lies the secret sauce to my approach. Weight is undoubtedly affected by food and movement, but the heart of the problem is (as you suspected) more complicated.

Your weight is the product of your internal life and external environment. Sorting through that is the work that produces lasting weight loss.

not another diet is the culmination of nearly fifteen years of methodically and calmly solving health and weight challenges.

I love the work and feel like I'm making a meaningful difference in people's lives.

What a joy.

"I don’t believe weight is the measure of a person, but it certainly affects how we conduct our lives.

The opportunities we do or don’t grab, what we think we deserve."