The next cohort begins Jan 1

This is what our members have to say.


"Rebecca lives the life she teaches and she so generously shares that life with anyone lucky enough to be taking her course."


"Joy truly is possible in this journey. I absolutely did not believe it before this program. I thought weight loss was a punishment for overindulgence."


"I loved being in a cohort. It helped me to feel not alone and supported. The cohort celebrated each other’s wins and shared ideas when I was stuck. It was great."

Loved the course, best non-diet ever.


Meet Christi.


She's lost 50 pounds to date. 

But wait, there's more...


"I went to REI today and not only was I able to buy regular sizes, but I actually had to go down another size.

I don't think I would have been nearly as successful without your advice and guidance, so thank you."


"The program met AND exceeded my expectations. I loved it.

I had a few revelations like “rules not decisions”; planning for events or temptations, or that weight loss and its maintenance has anything to do with self-care and setting boundaries. I am very grateful that you allow one-year access as I know I’ll be coming back to the content again! Thank you! "


"I am getting to know, listen and respect my body. 

Before, I was treating hunger cues as a flaw in my body that I needed to figure out how to ignore.

Now there is joy, freedom, and less anxiety in just allowing myself to eat when hungry. And stop eating when not hungry.

So simple but so radical."