"Joy truly is possible in this journey. I absolutely did not believe it before this program.

I thought weight loss was a punishment for overindulgence."

D.D. (Dolores)


"I LOVE this program and am so grateful I investigated further. 

It's so ironic (and actually beautiful really) that you don’t have us counting points, calories, macros, …….. yet you focus on, love, and educate thoroughly on real food, food prep, and cooking. And then you focus on how we live life and give that it’s due, which is absolutely critical.

There isn’t another program out there that I’ve seen that does that."


 Which part of the course had the biggest impact on you and why?

The part about relationships was transformational. It has improved my close relationships; while in some respects, I have become more "selfish". Amazing!

"This program gave me a framework of weight loss/maintenance and changed my mindset from self-loathing and self-blame to self-care and compassion." 


"I just wanted to drop a note to say hello.

Today for the first time in 10 years I weigh less than 160lbs. It is so satisfying to see the numbers in the 150s. Thank you so much for your program, and for being there when I needed you.

I'm down 32 lbs and have 3 to go to reach my goal (never more than 5 pounds!!). I suspect after that I'll have another 5 or so before my body settles. I'm wearing outdoor gear that I haven't worn in over a decade, and loving it."

I Want These Results

'Going through the NAD program has been very important for me.

This experience has allowed me to feel more like myself—or maybe to connect to myself—in a way that I really struggled to do with my extra weight.

After losing 20 lbs so far, I'm no more/no less valuable as a person, of course, but I am more available to myself.

This program gave me the tools, information, guidance, and time to CALM DOWN around food and learn to trust myself and my hunger.

I have so much respect and gratitude for Rebecca's kind and direct (and funny and smart) approach to weight loss.'

Mary Ann


"Thank you so much for your guidance throughout the program. 

I hope you know how truly transformative it is on every level. It is an absolute game-changer."


"The program exceeded my expectations. All the material was presented in a thoughtful and clear way.

Anytime I get off track or forget, a simple review of the Pillars reminds me of why this works."



"I loved being in a cohort. It helped me to feel not alone and supported. The cohort celebrated each other’s wins and shared ideas when I was stuck. It was great."


"The program is a "sure foundation" for a lifetime of practicing health.

The parts of simplification, pre-decision making, and limits on self-control made me think differently about how I set up my days."

Video Poster Image

Meet Crystal.


She's lost 27 36 pounds (and kept it off). 

'Loved the course, best non-diet ever.'


'Your framework for building self-care is fantastic, remarkable, inclusive (meaning of all elements of the "self" that need care)'


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Meet Christi.


She's lost 55 pounds and kept it off

But wait, there's more...


"Hi Rebecca,

I wanted to give you an update, and let you know that your approach is working for me.

When I began in June I was a size 14. When I first recorded my weight in mid-July it was 192. Now, 10 weeks later, it's 174. I'm currently wearing size 12, and the weight is floating off. I don't feel deprived, and I think this will be permanent."


"What would you tell a friend about this experience or what it's meant to you?

I would tell a friend that they should drop all their diets (all of which work in the short term but not in the long term) and join your program. That the only way forward is to develop a better relationship to food and movement, in the context of real-life, environment, and people around you. That real nourishment is self-care.


"Yes. This is not just “another diet”.

It is the opposite of that.

It gets underneath the “diet” to look at what is real, what is happening in you. It gives you more than just tools, which I find limiting.

It gives you purpose and a reason and a playbook for change.


Make yourself bulletproof to diets.


I Want That


"I went to REI today and not only was I able to buy regular sizes, but I actually had to go down another size.

I don't think I would have been nearly as successful without your advice and guidance, so thank you."


"The program met AND exceeded my expectations. I loved it.

I had a few revelations; that weight loss and its maintenance have anything to do with self-care and setting boundaries. I'm very grateful that you allow one-year access as I know I’ll be coming back to the content again! Thank you! "


"I am getting to know, listen and respect my body.

Before, I was treating hunger cues as a flaw that I needed to ignore. Now there is joy, freedom, and less anxiety in just allowing myself to eat when hungry. And stop eating when not hungry.

So simple but so radical."

There are better ideas about health, weight, and living.

We have them.


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