You've tried every diet and read all the books

But Peace Is Still Elusive


Finding peace with food is a learnable process (and not a mind trick).


What is this?

Have you bought books on 'conquering' emotional eating?

Do you start each January thinking this will be the year I finally...?

Do you diet because you 'need' guardrails around your eating?

Think losing weight will fix your relationship with food?

So did Rebecca and Michelle–until it didn't. 

Who's Teaching?

Do you?

  • Feel a constant push-pull with food?

  • Overconsume or indulge and then feel guilty about it?

  • Engage in poor self-talk about your appearance or lack of self-control?

  • Use food to self-soothe your emotions?

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A masterclass to learn the actionable, practical steps to co-exist joyfully with food–without giving up on pleasure. 


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  • Day-of attendance and the opportunity to ask questions.
  • One year of access to the masterclass recording.
  • Curated links to deepen your understanding of the concepts introduced.
  • Bonus Lesson: Dealing With Sneaky Sugar
  • Bonus Lesson: The Hunger Practice
Save My Spot

Michelle Mercurio 

people catalyst and brand strategist

Michelle is passionate about helping people be more of who they really are and less of who the world conditions them to be.
Whether it’s with brand and marketing storytelling work or through one of her mindfully focused retreats, Michelle helps humans gain clarity to understand themselves and amplify the words and strategy to voice their visions to make the impact their work deserves.
Michelle loves spending time in the community working on social justice and creative causes, evolving her boxing and fitness pursuits, and connecting with her family and friends around Richmond, Virginia. Find details about her brand & business work at and connect directly with Michelle on IG @michmerc. 

Rebecca Thomas

founder, not another diet

I'm dedicated to living well and helping others do the same.

The enjoyment of being alive is sold to us as the next piece of clothing, vacation, or cupcake.

It's none of those things.

To me, it's feeling so good in your body that you use that foundation to live joyfully.

I know what better information can do for life quality, and that's what I bring to my programs (and this masterclass).

Our bodies deserve better care, not because we should but because they are our vehicles for pleasure, adventure, healing, and joy.

Your body deserves nothing less.