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"The people who have already walked through the fire can help you do the same."

James Clear

My name is Rebecca Thomas.

I built this program to help you free yourself from chronic weight gain.


I know what losing 50 pounds and keeping it off for 12 years and counting has meant to me: freedom.

Freedom from shame. The freedom to pursue favorite sports, present myself without worry, and get dressed with ease.

Here's what I'm sure of, no diet will solve weight gain. None, not one. That's as plain-spoken as I can be. Whether you do my program or not, I hope you take that as a fundamental truth.

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"I don’t believe weight is the measure of a person, but it certainly affects how we conduct our lives.

The opportunities we do or don’t grab, what we think we deserve."

Who Am I To Say?

This is a fair question. 

One I've had to give a lot of thought to because I'm not a nutritionist or physician (both have gone through my program). I hold these professions and evidence-based medicine in high esteem. However, their work isn't designed to address chronic weight gain. Science alone is data. How to make that data useful for you is what I tackle.

Eating well isn't complicated. What's complicated is how modern life sets us up to fail, our emotions, our limiting personal stories, our inability to set good boundaries, tuning into our bodies (not battling), and creating simple, effective daily practices.

I learned these things by dedicating myself to remedying my own chronic weight gain. In the decade (plus) since that loss, I've gone about carefully quantifying what actually needs to be addressed. I continually cross-check my work with scientific studies and professionals from all walks of life. 

People tell me over and over that what they most want is to trust themselves again. To live in peace with their bodies. Self-control is the product of a constellation of changes. I've quantified what those are and connected the dots.

You can learn. You can do better. You can fix things that have long troubled you. 

I am proof.

I'm a thinker, writer, and lifelong learner.  

I believe in resilience and actively pursuing better approaches to meeting life's challenges.

not another diet is my latest venture, but certainly not my first. I started working for myself for the first time at age twenty-four. My Dad and I had a small real estate company. I learned how to listen to people and help them through their personal challenges to buy a home. 

My next venture was a small bottle shop that pretty much took off from day one. Over the years we expanded into a wine bar, and then a restaurant. 

It worked but I never loved it. The hours and constant worry took its toll. After fifteen years I decided to call it quits and try for a life that actually suited me.

By then, my self-care and downtime had become fundamental. I knew whatever came next had to support all that I'd learned. I'd taken to writing about my approach for years and had a loyal following.

The idea to turn my process into a program wouldn't leave me alone so one day I decided to go for it. I hired a pro to help me realize my vision and put it in front of my readers.

I'm happy to say it took off. I love the work and feel like I'm making a meaningful difference in people's lives. What a joy.