90% regain their lost weight

I teach what the 10% know

“I found Rebecca a solid, sympathetic and honest leader who totally understood my experience with weight loss. I treasure all the time we have been in touch.”

Susan D.

“I think I most appreciated the focus on making it my own path. It was nice to know that this wasn’t a cookie cutter approach, and, as Rebecca has said over and over, if it doesn’t fit into your life, it won’t work long term.”

Kate K.

I am Rebecca Thomas

founder, not another diet


This is the story I didn’t want to tell.

My weight struggles began in adolescence. To be clear, there wasn’t anything actually wrong with my weight. I was a normal-looking 13-year-old girl. My mother, triggered by my changing body and her own fears, decided to make me aware of impending weight problems. That was the first time I remember feeling shame over my body.

The warning didn’t come with actually useful information, and my weight began to climb as I acted out buying candy and other treats. One day I came home to find food in the refrigerator sectioned off between the rest of the family and me. I felt instantly cast-out and my shame grew exponentially.

I spent the next twenty-three years locked in a battle with my body. Always looking for ‘the thing’ that would help me become the kind of person who could sustain willpower and motivation. I failed over and over.

Every diet or exercise plan I couldn’t maintain pushed me further and further back until my weight climbed to 207 pounds. I remember standing on the scale at the gym when I saw that number.

One day, I simply couldn’t diet anymore and set it all down. Instead, I gently began figuring what would work for a person who refused to count calories, cut out carbs, or endure arduous workouts. A person who cared about joy and pleasure. Me.

I spent the next year losing fifty pounds in what turned out to be a joyful, affirming, and emotionally healthy process. A decade later, that loss and the tools I developed are fully intact.

I don’t believe weight is the measure of a person, but it certainly affects how we conduct our lives. The opportunities we do or don’t grab, what we think we deserve.

Losing the weight for good was transformative. Not just because I now live in a body I enjoy, but because the process healed years of trauma and anxiety around weight. I know how to take care of myself with compassionate honesty.

Why didn’t I want to tell a story with a happy ending? It’s painful that so many years were lost to the struggle. It’s hard to admit to mistreatment, both at the hands of a parent and what I did to myself.

It wasn’t too late, though. It never is.


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