Why Your Last (And Every) Diet Failed

Season #1

Have you ever thought, "If I could just stick to the plan..." then this is the episode you need to hear.

Diets employ magical thinking and create shame. They're temporary by design.

This episode will help you understand the diet schemes you've tried to make work and why they really failed. We often conflate dieting with weight loss, but the two are not the same, and you don't have to do one (dieting) to get the other (weight loss).

This matters because dieting leads to weight regain, boomerang eating, and poor self-esteem. Even worse, it wastes your time when you could be making real progress,

But how do you know what's actually a diet? Diet companies hire expert marketers who tell you they aren't a diet when they are.

You need a fresh way to evaluate what's being offered to you. Join us in this episode where founder Rebecca Thomas lists one by one the red flags you need to know to spot a diet.

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You'll Learn:
Secret #1
The exact way to make healthy eating a breeze—without relying on willpower (or motivation) at ALL.
Secret #2
How to spot what’s really sabotaging your self-control (and keeping you STUCK) without having to go on another diet.
Secret #3
How to ENJOY your food–without measuring, weighing, or counting a thing and still lose weight!