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How Calorie Counting Hurts You ( While Locking You Into Chronic Weight Gain )

Season #1

Modern weight loss is built on calorie counting and calorie restriction. This is precisely why it’s such a failure. 

In this episode, I delve into the actual effects of calorie counting (and, by extension, food tracking) on our psyches, behavior, mental health, and weight.

Tracking calories is a diet culture answer to deal with the effects of food processing. It’s an artificial boundary designed to make you eat less–temporarily

This practice leads people to believe there’s something wrong with their hunger or bodies as the weight returns (or they can’t deal with the restrictions anymore). Restricting food by simply forcing yourself to eat less can't ever be sustainable, but we return again and again to a damaging system.

Calorie counting creates erroneous conclusions about food and movement based on how few calories are consumed or how many calories are burned. This is why even when you're not dieting, you might be evaluating the world through the lens of calories. 

And that is where the harm begins. Grab your ear pods and tune in for an illuminating listen about the real effects of this outdated practice.


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