Why Do I Eat So Much? Some Real Answers

Season #1

Have you heard the advice, everything in moderation?
Total nonsense.

Modern food is designed to tinker with your satiation and self-control (and then we blame ourselves).

In this episode, Rebecca dives into food processing and understanding its effect on satiation, metabolic health, and weight. 

A few questions about you and food: 

  • Do you feel hungry most of the time?
  • Do you wish you could stop eating sooner in the meal?
  • Do you secretly think you probably overeat but don't understand why?
  • Do you eat past the point of fullness?
  • Do you find yourself reaching for sweets or junk even though you don't want it?
  • Is food part of how you self-soothe difficult emotions?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I want you to know there's nothing wrong with you. You're experiencing the side effects of what modern food is designed to do.

Ten companies own your ability to stop eating.

Fact: 90% of all the brands you see on the shelves are owned by ten companies. This is what's meant as Big Food.

Big food's goal: sales through hyper palatability.

Your goal: eat naturally and have that produce a healthy weight.

Ultra-processing (stripping food of its beneficial and protective nature) makes up 60% of all food consumed, and its effects can be seen everywhere. Diabetes, obesity, and chronic disease. 

The problem is that we're so steeped in food processing that they've become normalized. But, they are what's standing between you and a healthy weight.


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