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Is Ozempic Just Another Diet? Why That Matters

Season #1

Ozempic is inescapable, but is it a good idea?

It's all over the news, friends are taking it, and it's now offered alongside Botox at med spas. It's come up in group coaching in our main program. Hell, even our founder briefly considered what these drugs would do for her!

If you're trying to deal with chronic weight gain, it's impossible not to consider these drugs. The immediacy of the weight loss is pretty compelling. And yet, it's pretty serious business to inject yourself with a medication. So, how do you think through what you're really doing? What do you need to consider?

This episode is devoted to the questions that can bring clarity to the larger role Ozempic is playing in our lives (and culture at large). 

There's no medical advice (that's between you and your doctor). Think of this episode as food for thought coupled with some disadvantages that aren't immediately obvious about taking Ozempic for weight loss.


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