Why Is My Willpower So Weak?

Season #1

All of modern weight loss (except our approach) is built on willpower–that's exactly why the results are so dismal.

Put another way, willpower-based methods manufacture shame by ensuring failure.

The common understanding is that you and I have free will to make 'healthy choices,' and if we don't, that's the failure. There's just one problem, that's dead wrong

If you've secretly wondered why it's so much easier for other people to eat moderately and don't understand why you continue to struggle, this is a must-listen episode. 

This better and more nuanced approach to understanding willpower and what you can reasonably ask of yourself is how you can finally understand what's upending you. 

Join Rebecca as she dismantles the notion of applying 'will' to weight loss and what to focus on instead for results that last a lifetime.


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