The Critical Flaw With Intuitive Eating

Season #1

Intuitive Eating has a pretty sexy premise, you can eat whatever you want without rules or constraints. You can also skip quality judgments, meaning there are no good or bad foods (something referred to as the moralizing of food).  The idea is that food will lose its power if you stop trying to demonize or restrict it.

But is peace with food a purely mindset, or is the issue considerably more complex? And what if you actually do want to lose weight?   

Intuitive Eating falls prey to the same bad thinking as diet culture; that you can outthink highly processed foods (which is now most food) despite all evidence to the contrary. It also disregards the role of environment in what and how often you eat.   And, is putting guardrails around your eating the same thing as restricting your food?  

To be fair, IF isn't a weight loss method (although more than a few dieticians hint that you can reduce body size using this approach), but it relies on some similar mythology as diet culture, and that's worth dissecting. 


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