Is Menopause Making Me Fat?

Season #1

Menopause is a hot topic (cue the flash joke).

Unfortunately, that hasn't resulted in helpful information for women and their weight. Instead, it's turned into an echo chamber reinforcing gender stereotypes and bad science. Because of that, what's marketed to us are menopause hairsprays and gummies that somehow (through wishful thinking and fairy dust) solve belly fat. 

Google 'is menopause making me...' and the full list of midlife travails pops right up; weight, irritability, mood, fatigue, and more. But is menopause itself the root cause of the issue? This is important to distinguish; otherwise, you're trying to solve (or medicate) the wrong problem. 

If you’re in your 40s or 50s and are now the heaviest you’ve ever been, you might be wondering if menopause is the real culprit for your midlife weight gain. That's a fair question. It does seem to be more difficult as time goes on.

And, menopause brings some real changes! Hair, skin, mood, and all sorts of issues can crop up, but the question at hand is: Is menopause making me fat? This is the one we're going to tackle so you can make real progress on handling this important issue.

 Host Rebecca Thomas is herself in menopause, and her program clients are in some stage of perimenopause or transitioning through, so this topic is of particular interest. It turns out there's good research on the topic of menopause and metabolism to draw on.

Join Rebecca as she explores menopause weight gain, offers some new ways to think about this challenging but natural life transition, and introduces the idea that listening to your body can open up one of the happiest times in your life. 

If you decide to listen.


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