'After and After' Photo Series - not another diet

Before and After Weight Loss Photos Are Lying To You

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You want After and After photos for the real story.

I've always hated before and after photos in marketing. You'll find me using them very sparingly (some proof is needed that you did what you said you did) because of precisely what they omit. 


Did it last? 

This brings up other questions like, did you enjoy the process? Are these changes congruent with your life? Do you understand what caused the issue in the first place? Are you honoring and respecting your hunger?

Simply losing weight tells you nothing. I could eat grapefruits morning, noon, and night for months and do a quick photo shoot. Considering the rates of weight regain for restrictive dieting, they might as well be showing you just that. 

Instead, I'd like you to see what weight stability looks like over a decade+.

It means peace around food, of course, and an end to the noise in your head about what's happening with your body. It also means buying clothing you can wear for many years to come. No more cheap and dowdy pieces that are 'good enough.' 

I dialed in a process I liked and shaped my life to support it (which is exactly what I teach through our signature program). The permanence comes from creating sustainable practices you actually enjoy. That's what makes it last.

With that said, here are three 'After and After' outfits that I still proudly wear.

2011 / 2023


2012 / 2023


 2011 / 2017 / 2023

Cute dresses aside, the real legacy of stable weight loss is many years of feeling good in my skin, knowing exactly how to care for my healthy weight, and loads of fun adventures my body can support. 

As I tell my members, how you lose weight is how you have to live. Choose wisely.


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