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Eating Real Food Can Help Achieve Your Dream Life

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Imagine if you knew exactly what you needed and how to take care of yourself to achieve (and keep!) a healthy weight. You don’t scroll Instagram or buy diet books or read every weight loss article that comes along, hoping somewhere in there is the ‘answer.’ 

You're so immune to diet advice that you find it amusing. You aren’t tempted to measure your food or stress about carbs. You thoroughly enjoy what you’re eating and know how to moderate it by staying in touch with your body’s signals. Eating feels natural and pleasurable

If you’re thinking, yeah, right, who lives like that? Well, I do, as do the people I've helped.

The ‘good’ and ‘bad’ eating narrative is limited and boring.

If you mostly understand healthy eating as what you can’t have or what some people do who have superhuman self-control, I’d like to propose a different outlook.

What if healthy eating is how you get what matters most to you in your life?

That requires you to have dreams. Things you imagine yourself doing if you can muster your best self.

Take a moment to consider what one might be. What bubbles to the surface? An epic hike, surf camp, or maybe a motorcycle ride across New Zealand? Or it might be something as simple as participating in a family beach trip without any worry if you can keep up.

Own the wanting. That’s the process of talking to yourself to see what matters to you when things are quiet. Then let yourself settle into the desire.

This is how you understand what you value.

What would your life look like if it felt good to try?

Our culture teaches us that there’s fun eating (obesogenic food), and then there’s what you should do (eating healthy food). We hold a vague connection between what’s on our plates and all the ways our lives could improve if we begin to focus on real nourishment.

You might think about buying better clothes or feeling more attractive. There’s nothing wrong with either one of those things, but what those aspirations fail to do is tap into the portions of yourself that long for meaning. The kind of meaning that comes from testing yourself in the world and following through with plans.

In the last decade following my fifty-pound loss (in which I focused on eating whole, unprocessed foods and never deprived myself), I became a runner and found joy in pushing myself, camped and hiked solo across America, took up writing which led me to launch my current company, and am now an avid mountain biker.

The joy and accomplishment in the endeavors are hard to quantify, but I’ll try. I feel immense pride, resilience, and fewer regrets over the wrong turns I’ve made. My sense of well-being has fueled the most productive thinking and the deepest connections of my 50 years. I’ve used that momentum to tackle past trauma and find peace in rocky relationships. Most importantly, each step of trying something new and finding my own solutions creates a new and better idea of who I am to myself.

None of that would be possible without a nourishment practice that accounted for what eating a diet of whole, unprocessed foods are actually doing for me (and potentially for you).

  • Consistent and better sleep.
  • Improved digestion (no waking up with stomach aches).
  • Blood sugar stability.
  • Improved emotional regulation.
  • Ease of satiation.
  • No need for tracking (thereby making food enjoyable and less neurotic).
  • Clear thinking.
  • Energy for a day of productivity or adventure.

Realizing your dreams stems from a body you can rely on.

Whatever you want for your life (and I encourage you to let your best ideas come forward) begins with what’s on your plate. Real food is designed perfectly to support you in your daily life and personal growth.

You’ll hear that food is medicine. That’s total nonsense. When I had cancer, I took chemotherapy. Food is wellness, which is vital to a long, healthy, active, and ambitious life.

That’s the one I wish for you.

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