How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain (And Still Have Fun)

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Most people only gain a few pounds over the Holiday season, but here's the kicker–those pounds are a primary contributor to lifetime weight gain

"The only problem is that the holidays probably account for much of a person’s annual weight gain over the course of a lifetime." NY Times

So, yes, it matters to avoid packing on a few pounds each year. Beyond contributing to overall weight gain, it sets you up for dieting in January. Those restrictive eating patterns damage your metabolism and lock you into destructive eating patterns.

It doesn't have to be that way. Rebecca's sharing her tried and true strategies that have kept her from gaining Holiday weight for thirteen years and counting!

Ready to Enjoy the Holiday Season Without Compromising Your Health?

This webinar helps health-conscious individuals learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the festive season to enjoy themselves without guilt or worry.
You may have tried following restrictive diets or intense workout regimes during this period.
However, these solutions may have failed because they are often unrealistic and unsustainable, particularly during the festive season when indulgence is common.
As an expert in health and wellness, I am excited to provide you with practical, sustainable strategies that allow for holiday enjoyment while promoting overall well-being.

You'll Learn.
1. Understand the detrimental effects of weight fluctuations on metabolism and how to avoid them.
2. Learn how to identify and break free from an obesogenic lifestyle, a common contributor to the obesity epidemic.
3. Discover the importance of self-love and kindness during this transition period, promoting not just physical health, but mental and emotional well-being as well.

We built a FREE workshop to show you a different (and much better way to lose weight).  

You'll learn these insights:

1. The exact way to make healthy eating a breeze—without relying on willpower (or motivation) at ALL

2. How to spot what’s really sabotaging your self-control (and keeping you STUCK) without having to go on another diet
3. How to ENJOY your food–without measuring, weighing, or counting a thing


"What a terrific presentation! I wish it had been available to me years ago.- Kathleen

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