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Why is it so impossible for me to lose weight?

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It's not but you're approaching it with bad ideas.

Myopically focusing on calories, carbs, and steps makes it impossible to get somewhere better.

Weight loss isn’t simple so why do we keep treating it that way?
The short answer is that we’ve allowed diet companies to define the problem for us. That’s great for selling you a narrow (read: incomplete and potentially harmful) product, but does little to help you understand the complexities so you can address them.

What are the complexities?

Your incoming self-regard. The assumption is losing weight will fix self-esteem, but that just isn’t the case. High self-regard is needed to persist toward a healthy weight. Diets can’t help with that.

Your lack of time. Weight loss for life requires time and space to practice self-care. Diets offer no guidance on that.

Navigating relationships. Obesogenic food often shows up through other people, especially the ones you like. Diets are silent on that subject.

Removing your agency. It turns out this is a huge one. Changes are durable when you own them. Diets remove your agency from day one. Ever bought a cookbook to figure out how to eat on a diet? Then you understand.

Misunderstanding processed foods. Any food made in a factory is processed food and therefore more bioavailable to your body. You are likely ingesting sneaky sugars and all sorts of other ingredients designed to make you overeat. Calorie counts won’t help you with that.

Addressing bad thinking. Wrong ideas about how you function as a person keep you locked into unworkable systems (which then makes durable weight loss all but impossible). If you’ve ever had the thought, ‘I just need to…’ about losing weight, that comes from a misunderstanding about how to address an issue. Better ideas lead to better actions. Diets have little to none.

Our programs help you sort through all of these things and more because we're invested in your long-term success.


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